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.350Z Link

Link G4+ 350Z ECU
SKU: L-350Z

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       If you're running a 350Z, Skyline V35 or G35 with the VQ35DE or a swapped motor on a stock engine harness, this ecu is a direct swap into the factory computer case to plug righ in and fit in the factory location.

      Installation of 350Z Link is a breeze, no alteration to the factory wiring is required. ust unplug the stock ECU and plug this one in. The plug and play ECU supports both automatic transmissions and manual. A built in connector or pins provides additional inputs and outputs such as oil pressure inputs, anti-lag, 2 step or logging.

       The 350Z Link runs the latest G4+ tuning platform with a built in 4 bar MAP sensor with an optional expansion loom for even more inputs or outputs.


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