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4.2L Manual transmission adapter - Nissan VG 5 speed

Jaguar 4.2L inline 6 to Nissan VG 5 speed transmission adapter

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    We've designed this transmission adapter for the Jaguar 6 cylinder (4.2L) to work with a Nissan VG 5 speed ('90-'96 300zx). This adapter allows you to bolt up the transmssion with no modfications to the motor or transmission required.

    The adapter comes with all the required bolting hardware for the adapter and bellhousing along with a crank to flywheel adapter. The unique design of the VG transmssion allows us to use the Nissan flywheel and clutch along with our adapter to bolt directly up and have acess to perforance clutches straight off the shelf, NO CUSTOM CLUTCH PARTS! You just get an N/A or Turbo transmission, flywheel, clutch and starter to match (aal N/A or all Turbo). We can also supply you with all the clutch components you'll need from chromoly flywheels to street or race discs and pressure plates.

    This is the same package we run in our boosted XJ6 that put down a peak of 520 LBFT and 460 HP with a 12lb chromoly flywheel and six puck disc with a higher clamp load pressure plate. We've run these transmissions as hight as 800 WHP so don't be worried about "spirited driving".

    When coupled with our transmission cross member and driveline, the installation typically only requires some clearancing of the trans tunnel around the shifter for fitment. We also have several shifter options for the transmssion for different placements.

    Don't forget abou ourt clutch pedal and lines as well to make the install easier.


    Kit Includes:

    Transmission adapter ring segments

    Adapter ring to block bolts

    Transmission to adapter bolts

    Flywheel adapter hub with bolts


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