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AE86 GT-S Wiper Harness

AE86 GT-S Wiper Harness

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General Fitment

   The GT-S wiper wires are integrated into the factory engine harness and often removed with engine and harness. Panic wire has made a simple 4 wire replacement harness to reconnect the wiper wiring.

  The new harness comes with the correct terminals crimped onto the wires and loomed together for a clean install. All 4 wires are labeled to help you identify them for installation.

   Unfortunately the plugs for the wipers are not available and therefore the new harness only come as wires and terminals. You must re-use your original plugs and insert the new wires/terminals or add heat shrink to the new terminals to simply plug them into the wiper motor system without the plugs if they have been lost or broken.


Included in the kit

AE86 GT-S Wiper Harness


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