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BMW Urethane Transmssion Mounts - Series 1

BMW Urethane Transmssion Mounts - Series 1

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       If you're going to be running your car hard or possibly doing a motor swap, it may be a good idea to get rid of those soft factory rubber mounts. These Urethane transmission mounts are a great option for performance applications.

    General Fitment

       The mounts are designed to fit the factory location and be direct replacements for the stock rubber bushings. No modification should be required to fit these mounts. You may see minor change in height of the transmssion if your stock rubber mounts were worn, soft or broken.

    Design and construction

        Our urethane mounts have steel end caps with welded in studs and an internal overlapping system that's all encapsulated in the 80A Urethane. Because we use floating end caps that are independant from each other, we've maintained the ability to absorb vibration even with the firmness of the Urethane. Some mounts have a single bolt all the way through that causes vibration to pass dirrectly from one side to the other, defeating the purpose of urethane all together. Solid metal or plastic do not absorb much vibration.

       Our internal overlap will handle higher loads then just bonded type mounts like stock rubber ones where you can see the rubber torn away sometimes.

    Transmission cross member not included!



    Sold as a pair

    All hardware included

    Stock fitment on the E36 Chassis

    Significantly less movement of the transmission

    Full floating omni-directional dampening unlike "puck" type mounts with a single through bolt.




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