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*BEAMS Universal Swap Harness

If you're swapping a BEAMS 3S, a nice new harness and stand alone ECU will make it a lot easier!

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BEAMS Universal harness kit
Link Swap Harness Switch Panel -Bent Flange - S1
BEAMS Throttle Lock
Beams Throttle Cable Bracket
2 Way DTM type pig tail
3 Way DTM type pig tail



   If you're doing a BEAMS swap, the wiring will be a big question to answer. This all new wire harness and ECU kit for the BEAMS is the benchmark for quality and value, adding one of these to your build will make the instalation go a lot easier!!   

General Fitment

   The harness is designed to fit nice and clean on the motor and fit under the factory valve cover plate. The overall length is designed to route the ECU inside the cab on the right hand side of the car, typical to LHD chassis. The length of the plugs are configured to be as clean as possible without extra wire making unsightly loops.

    You willl need to install our BEAMS throttle lock (T-TL-S1) to convert the throttle body away from drive by wire. You can also replace the throttle body to a cable only type or convert to ITB's.   

Set up and Expansion

    Right out of the box the harness and ECU will run full sequential injection and sequential ignition as well as the dual VVT. The Monsoon ECU also has an onboard MAP sensor, so elimintaing the MAF won't require additional wiring and adding of a new sensor.

   As a standard, we load the ECU with a start up map for running the stock intake. We can also load an ITB map if you'd like to go that route or upgrade in the future. All start up maps come with a 3000 RPM rev limit that allows you to run car right away. We recommend all motors to be tuned if you choose to raise the rev limit, due to differences in all instalations, our tune is not set up to run all motors.

   If you plan to go ITB's, the harness has a stand alone intake air temp sensor for the elimination of the MAF and the on board MAP can be used for smoother idle tuning.

   If you want to go boosted, the on board MAP sensor is ideal and the auxialry 2 wire or 3 wire plug can be used for boost control.

   Want Nitrous? The auxialry 2 wire or 3 wire plug can run nitrous solenoids and fuel pressure sensor mapping as well.

  Chassis Applications

  The universal harness comes standard with the flying lead harness allowing you to integrate the harness into factory dash boards. The standard wire diagram is supplied with the kit for the universalflying leads.

   AE86 application harnesses are also available for a near plug and play set up. The Tach will require a resistor mod (supplied) or a tach adapter. The fuel pump must be wired as well as the wipers, all the wires are given for the applications, but will require the installer to pin them in. Additional $50 for AE86 application harness.

  If you want to do as little wiring as possible, we also offer a switch panel harness that requires no additional wiring other then a fuel pump. The switch panel has a start button and toggle switches for the ECU controls as well as a dual USB port. The switch panel does not plug in to AE86 or any other chassis and run any gauges. You can wire for gauges or use a Blue tooth USB and run an Android tablet dash. Additional $125 for the switch panel harness. 

Harness Manufacturer

     The harness is made in the USA by Panic wire at their facility. Panic wire has been in the wire harness business for over 12 years and making BEAMS specific harness's for 6 years. The concept behind this harness and ECU package is to deliver an affordable and effective  package with a bit of room for expansion and simplicity in installation in a mutitude of BEAMS swap applications.

Included in the kit

All new Harness

Link Monsoon ECU with BEAMS start up map loaded

ECU Data cable

ECU mount bracket

New Water temp sensor

New Air temp sensor

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