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E30 BEAMS 6 speed Trans Cross Member

E30 chassis to BEAMS J160 Trans Cross Member

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    When you do your BEAMS swap with the 6 speed trans (J160), you're going to want a trans crossmember that'll bolt right in. If you go with our motor mount brackets, this crossmember will put it all together nicely.

    Made from a single piece of formed steel, you won't have any issues with welds cracking, ever. We've also zinc plated it to keep it from rusting.

    This crossmember comes with new nuts and washers to bolt on the cross member. The E30 uses a special T-bolt that fits into a slot on the chassis, we do not supply the T-bolts.


    Kit includes:

    E30 to J160 transmission crossmember

    New nuts and washers for TCM to chassis studs.


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