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E36 Differential Reinforcement

E36 Differential Reinforcement

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         It's a common problem to have the differential cover break when you start running your E36 hard, things like clutch drops and hard launches can crack the mounting ears causing the differntial to jump around and damage other components.

    General Fitment and Installation

      The Differential Reinforcement can be installed dirrectly over stock busihngs or aftermarket bushings that are made to factory dimensions such as our solid urethane versions. Just pull the two bolts on the diff ears and the 4 bolts on the cover, then put the reinforcement on with the new supplied hardware.

      Due to the inceased size required to gain the strength needed for proper reinfocement, some rear sway bars may not fit over the reinforcement brace center structure. There is an additional .8" (20mm).

    Material and Construction

       To start with, we have the material CNC laser cut for accuracy, then we form and weld in house. We've built a lot of structure into the part by forming the base from a single piece of 1/8" steel and then forming the cross beam box structure from a single piece to create a stiff spine. The pieces are then welded together to create an extremely ridgid box struture that runs all the way across the differential.

        We've also designed the ears of the reinforcement to have large washer like flats that cover the stock diff ears to help eliminate even more movement a apposed to just going down into the bushings. We also have compresssion tubes that go into the bushings to hold the compressive clamp load of the bolts tight.


    Kit includes

       Powder coated steel reinforment frame

       New differential bushing bolts

       New differential cover bolts



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