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E36 RTAB Mount Cups

E36 RTAB Mount Cups

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     There's a point when you lower your E36 that you can no longer adjust the toe in on the rear arms. We've made these Mounting Cups for the rear arms to replace the factory RTAB cups and allow up to 1 degree more toe in over factory cups. These mount cups will allow the use of any RTAB's and still have adjustment on lowerd cars. When you lower your car, you also loose traction due to the change in angle or the main arm, we've built in some angle correction as well, something you can't get from common offset RTAB's. 

General Fitment and Installation

  These cups are super sipmly to install, just pull the 3 bolts that hold the stock cups in the chassis, drop the arm down, pull the single cross bolt in the RTAB and intall the new cup in the reverse order.

Material and Construction

   To start with, the material is CNC laser cut for accuracy, then we form and weld in house. The cups are made from 1/8" steel. We went a bit thicker then stock for a bit more strength, chances are good your either makin more power or running harder then just a stock car was intended for, so we made them stronger then stock. We also form the sides of the cups like factory for easier fitment and increased strength of the side walls.


Kit includes

   Right and Left side cups




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