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1JZ - JZX100 Jumper kit

JZX100 1JZ-GTE Universal Jumper and ECU Kit

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    We try to keep these kits in stock but they can take up to a week to ship out. If you're on a tight timeline, please contact us before ordering.

  We've put together this kit for the 1JZ-GTE from the JZX100 with a Panic Wire adapter harness and Link Monsoon ECU. The adapter harness is designed to plug straight into the stock JZX100 harness in place of the Toyota ECU and adapt directly to the link Monsoon to give a plug and play stand alone with no wiring past the initial engine harness install.   


  Installation is straight forward, unplug the stock ECU, plug in the jumper and Monsoon, then run a vacuum line from the intake manifold to the ECU. Last is to unplug the MAF and plug in the new Sub harness to the MAF plug on the stock harness. This new sub harness has the Intake air temp and an extra Analog input that can be used for future expansion like fuel pressure/oil pressure or external MAP sensor.

   You can either remove and cap off the stock IAC or do a 2 wire IAC such as a Bosch VW or Ford. If your motor is currently running on the stock ECU, you can warm up the motor until the IAC is at it's low idle, then unplug the IAC at the manifold to leave it set in the low position. This will alllow you to not remove the stock IAC and use the idle screw on the throttle body for trimming the idle as needed.

What it does:

 The Monsoon is a full stand alone ECU with adapter and harness configured to run semi sequential injection and Ignition, VVTi and will also support future mods like a higher boost without any changes to the ECU or wiring. If you want to upgrade injectors, swap turbo's or just optimize the stock set up, just re-tune and go. The Monsoon ECU has an onboard 4 bar MAP sensor, so converting away from the MAF is easy, no need to purchase a sensor or add any wiring.

  When purchased as the kit, we'll load the Monsoon ECU with a start up map that will get the engine fired up right away already configured for the stock Toyota sensors. Tuning is still required for individual set ups and a TPS calibration is required for proper start up and operation.

 The Fan and Fuel control ouputs can be run by the new Link ECU and are wired into the factory JZX100 wiring. These are signal wires only, not full power for the fan and fuel pump. Your main harness will need to have relay and fuse accomodations for the actual power to the accesories. The fan on and off temperatures can be programmed in the ECU for the temperatures you like.

   If you want the ECU to run a wide band O2 heater, you can swap the wire for one of the other factory type outputs like EVAP purge or check engine. Most wide band gauges have an output wire that can be directly fed into the ECU without any additional power requirements.

  PC Link tuning software is available for download directly from Linkecu.com as well as tech support directly from Link.

Functions include:

Check Engine

EVAP purge


Fuel Pump


CAN Wifi enabled

Wide Band O2 input pinned

Built in 4 Bar MAP

VVTi Control

2 wire IAC control (not stock Toyota IAC)

What it doesn't do

No Stock IAC

No Knock control

No O2 heater, external O2 can be fed into ECU or swapped for a different function



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