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Honda H22 Pro intake - 58 mm

Honda H22 Pro intake - 58 mm
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    Expanding on our successful design of the 2 piece Pro series line, we've made this manifold for the H22 with the throttle body on the passenger (or driver) side. (K style center feed plenum available by request).

    These runners are 58mm ID at the plenum base typically for high compression pure race motors or highly boosted motors. The manifold uses an H type fuel rail in the primary location but has extra bosses underneath for up to 8 injectors total. Port matching is recommended for maximum performance.

    Maintaining our two piece runner/plenum design allows easy porting or plenum volume changes without cutting and re-welding as well as the addition of velocity stacks using our optional velocity stack plate. The plenum has a standard B/H bolt pattern for the throttle body bored to 74mm.  We can weld on many other flanges upon request, we also have quite a few bolt on throttle body adapters. You can contact us with your needs for cost and timelines.

    We can also add nitrous, porting and polishing, lengthen the runners to meet your calculations, we can even powder coat the outside or show polish the plenum. We've eliminated all welding to keep the price down, eliminate the fear of weld leaks or cracking but kept the ability to take it apart and modify it.

    Features to the Xcessive original design

    All new U.S.A. made castings

    Full lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects

     All harware included, including a reinforced thermal gasket

    Larger 58mm ports for boosted/high compression methanol motors

    Optional Velocity stacks

    Secondary injector bosses for fuel, NOS, Water/Meth, machinable in house (Requires custom Fuel Rail for Injectors)

    CNC porting and gasket matching available in house

    Standard B/H series throttle body flange. Many other throttle body flanges available - done in house

    Tech support/product support from the original designers/builders. For options/custom variations, CNC porting or hand polishing, please call or email for prices and info. 503-504-2147 or rich@xcessivemanufacturing.com


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