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Ford IAC Plate - Series 1
Ford IAC - Series 1
Ford IAC Filter
Ford IAC Hose T
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       A lot of stand alone ECU's require a simple IAC for idle control. We've put together these Ford style IAC adapters to make installs easy.

       The plate is a nice profiled piece of aluminum with 6mm threaded holes and mounting screws to fit the Ford IAC and 1/4" NPT port with a 3/8" hose babr included for the connection to the intake manifold or vacuum block. If you're running ITB's, we recommend hooking the IAC hose into the brake booster vacuum line for an easy connection.

      We also have a nice Panic Wire adapter harness if you want to run the IAC on a Panic wire harness such as for the BEAMS. This simple adapter harness goes from the Ford plug on the IAC to a DTM type 2 way for an easy plug in connection.


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