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Intake Air Temperature sensors

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GM IAT Sensor - Push in
GM IAT Sensor Kit with Grommet
GM IAT Sensor - Threaded NPT
GM IAT Sensor Kit with NPT Bung
GM IAT Sensor 16mm
  • Description


     Intake Air Temp sensors are a good way to add safetly and accuracy to your tuning by compensating for variations in charge temps. All of our ECU kits have a default set that will allow an engine to run descently, but for the best results across the temperature range, add an IAT and maximize your tuning!

    Harness connection

      Most all of our wire harness or ECU kits will be set up to run a GM IAT, just plug it and activate it in the Link software. If you want a different IAT sensor, you'll need to rewire the harness to accomodate and select the different sensor type in the Link software before you start tuning.

    Sensor types

      We offer three types of GM sensors, the push in type that uses a rubber grommet placed in air boxes or intake pipes on N/A motors as well as a thread in type with a 3/8" NPT for weld bungs and a GM sensor with 16mm thread that will thread into some stock Toyota intakes.



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