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AE86 Beams 6 speed Driveline - SR5

Toyota Corolla AE86 (SR5) chassis to Beams 6 Speed Driveline

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    When you do your BEAMS swap with the 6 speed trans (J160), you're going to want a nice one piece driveline that'll bolt right in. If you go with our motor and trans mount kit, this is the driveline for you.

    These drivelines are made with all a new front slip yolk that runs a larger 1310 universal joint to handle more abuse, 3" x .083 wall steel tube and a 1310 rear u-joint going to the stock Corolla SR5 type rear axle.

    These Drive lines are custom made to your chassis specification and take 5 to 7 days to prepare for shipment. If you've changed the rear axle to a Toyota truck or Ford, we can accomodate your build, just let us know what you've done. Please contact us for a driveshaft on a tight timeline like next day delivery!

    This shaft does NOT work with the GT-S rear axle, Toyota truck or Ford axle swaps. If you have a custom axle, we can make the drive shaft to fit your needs, just send us an email or give us a call to figure it out.

    Aluminum drivelines also available, please inquire for price and information.

    All drivelines are rotationally welded then straightened before spin ballancing.




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