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Honda Intake Air Temp Sensor Weld Bung

Honda Intake Air Temp Sensor Weld Bung

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    We made this weld bung for those of you who are putting together your own intake manifold and need a place for the Intake Air Temp sensor to mount up. We cnc these from 6061 for excellent weldability, 1/2 thick so they hold their shape and recessed just like the factory sensor boss for the o-ring seal on the sensor. They're threaded for 6mm screws so if your temp sensor has the brass inserts, you may need to push them out to fit the 6mm bolts.

    With a flat rate $3.75 shipping to the US, you can pick one of these up for less than $20 and finish your manifold with a billet boss.

    We can also weld it on to your new intake for you, ask us for a quote with your manifold purchase


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