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Honda K series Pro intake **58 mm**

Honda K series Pro intake **58 mm**

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These 58mm runners are designed for big boosted motors. If you want to make power over 600, this is a good manifold for the job. We've seen these manifolds make over 1000, so you should be just fine.

The 58mm manifolds are also used successfully on All Motor builds with higher compression and higher RPM where target HP is over 330. We recommend the addition of velocity stacks for All Motor builds.

We've maintained the use of the stock placement 4 injectors to allow the use a stock style rail as well as added bosses to the bottom of the runners for up to 8 injectors total. The bosses can also be machined for nitrous or water/meth.

The two piece manifold allows the use of either our end feed plenum or the side feed (Down facing - shown). Maintaining the two piece runner/plenum design allows easy porting or plenum volume changes without cutting and re-welding as well as the addition of velocity stacks using our optional velocity stack plate.

We can use any throttle body you want to run, add nitrous, port and polish, lengthen the runners to meet your calculations, we can even powder coat the outside or polish the plenum for hot looks.

We've eliminated all welding to keep the price down and eliminate the fear of weld leaks or breakage but kept all the advantages of this style manifold.

The manifold is available for the A2/A3 and Z3 heads, please specify A2 or Z3 (water port) when ordering.

 We can also thread a port in the Z3 flange for the water port to use a hose barb, just let us know in the order notes.

We also offer a throttle cable bracket if you're running the Q45 throttle body, part number UI-Q45-TCB-S1. Most applications will work with an EP3 throttle cable. The cable will have a bit of extra slack that can be taken up at the gas pedal with a cable clamp.


All new U.S.A. made castings

Full lifetime warranty (see waranty info)

Plenum Bolting harware

Thermal gasket

Optional Velocity stacks

Secondary injector bosses for fuel, NOS, Water/Meth


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