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Honda RSX-K20 Standard intake

RSX-K20 Standard one piece intake manifold

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Xcessive Manufacturing has designed a direct bolt on replacement manifold for the RSX K series A2, with larger runners, increased plenum volume and the ability to directly bolt on larger throttle body (68 mm), you can not only see gains on a stock engine but also benefit from its ability to flow for high boost and nitrous motors. Utilizing a direct fit of stock fuel rail components, you can easily upgrade at a later time to any aftermarket rail that fits a stock manifold. With all the factory systems still used, your factory ecu will have no problem running this manifold as a direct replacement and further upgrades such as headers and tunable ecu's will now yield maximum power no longer held back by the stock intake. This all manifold new casting comes with bosses that can be used for direct port nitrous or be machined for a second fuel rail. All motor, turbo, nitrous, methanol, E85 this manifold covers it all.

Running an Z3 head? We can modify for that, just send us an email or give us a call for a quote.

This manifold was tested with all stock components, including cams, intake piping and exhaust. Some after market components, cold air intakes, fuel rails etc. may require modification. Testing on a stock motor with no upgrades other than the manifold showed 10+ hp and an average under the graph of 7 hp. Some large aftermarket cams have issues with the shorter runners while boosted motors and stock cams perform extremely well. This is the only all new manifold available that bolts directly on and uses all stock components!!!!


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