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20B Oil Pan Adapter Kit - - - Series 1

20B Oil Pan Adapter Kit - Series 1.

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    **This pan adapter kit is for a 20B with a 20B-REW front cover**

    We've made our 20B oil pan adapter kit using our cast pan to keep maximum oil capacity when doing motor swaps, no more cutting and welding the stock 20B pan and loosing oil capacity. The adapter is designed to fit in the engine bay of the FD chassis and have the sump fit in the stock 13B location when the 20B is installed with the factory transmission and power frame.

    The kit comes with the new plated steel flange, new cast oil pan all the hardware to bolt it up, (see first pic). The kit requires no modifications to the block or oil pick up

    If you have custom parts that place the engine higher/lower or forwards/backwards, you will need to take that into account for fitment. With the variety of mount kits available for the 20B, we cannot guarantee fitment with other vendors products.

    The last two pictures show the 20B and pan/adapter installed with Xcessive mount brackets and cross member steering mod.

     This kit is designed to work with the 20B stock front cover. The Series 2 kit is designed to work with 13B-REW front covers.


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