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13B-REW Cast oil pan

13B-REW Cast oil pan

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    Our all new cast aluminum deep sump oil pan for 13B-REW holds an extra quart of oil and uses our exclusive O-ring seal design to eliminate leak prone paper gaskets. The extra thick pan rails (10mm, 3/8") along with strong sidewalls cast as one unit will increases the overall strength of the engine by adding a torsionally strong box structure to the bottom of the motor to help eliminate rotor housing shift. The box shape has significantly more rigidity then the plate type lower reinforcements.

    The aluminum casting offers high stiffness to mass ratio to keep weight down while dissipating heat with the finned bottom. We've eliminated the oil level sender mounting location but have an internal baffle on location if you would like to add the sender to the side of the pan.

    The new pan comes with all hardware required including the O-ring, two drain plugs, 6 longer motor mount bolts, 17 longer pan bolts and instructions. Standard powder coat color is black.

    The thicker pan rails will cause the motor to be raised approximately 5/16" (8 mm). This will NOT affect the shifter or driveline but may require adjustment of strut bars and intercooler piping.




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