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Urethane Motor Mounts (S8)

Mazda RX7 FC chassis Urethane Motor Mounts (S8, 1.9" tall)

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    If you're making more power with that 13B, just using it hard or doing a motor swap, these urethane motor mounts are the parts for the job. They're made with our standard 80A urethane bushings (65A available) to stop as much movement of the motor as possible while still soaking up some of the vibrations. The full omni directional dampening is also far superior to "puck" type mounts that still use a single through bolt. The bushings are also replaceable/serviceable if you ever do feel the need to change or recondition them.

    These mounts are an excellent compliment to our JZ swap brackets. The JZ is significanlty heavier then a rotary and requires good mounts!


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