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S Chassis KA24 Lowering Motor Mount Brackets

Nissan KA240 Lowering Motor Mount Brackets

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    Our Lowering mount brackets for the KA24 in the 240 chassis (S13/S14) are designed to lower the engine approximately 3/4" at the oil pan to give better hood clearance for your turbo or intake along with lowering the center of gravity on the front end. CNC cut from 1/4" steel plate, formed and plated, these engine brackets will handle all the punishment you can throw at them and last a life time doing it. By replacing only the stock steel brackets on the block itself, you can maintain your stock or after market isolator mounts such as our Urethame motor mounts or solid mounts and not change the driveline angle by more than 1 degree. Sold in pairs, (1st picture). These motor brackets do not fit with the stock intake manifold brace, if you're using one of our intake manifolds, you will have already removed this brace. You may also be required to trim or remove of the stock passenger side lower trans bracket, if you're using one of our Cast oil pans, this brace will no longer be an issue. Kit Includes: Driver and Passenger side brackets


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