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KA24DE Windage Tray with Crank Scraper

Nissan KA24DE Windage Tray with Crank Scraper

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    This all new windage tray and integrated crank scraper for the KA24 are designed for an easy bolt on fit using existing bolts on the main caps allowing installation with no drilling or modification to the mains or the purchase of new bolts or studs.

    The new tray fits inside the stock pan with only a minor mod to the stock pan baffle for clearance and is a direct fit in our cast pan. Designed for stock cranks and rods, we've given the crank scraper a little extra clearance to eliminate the need to file fit making it easier to install, but rotating assemblies should all ways be checked.

    After market cranks and rods will all ways need to be checked and adjusted.

    We’ve also placed the crank scraper to direct the oil straight down through a baffle into the pan while stopping the swirling air/oil motion created by the crank rotation.


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