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Q45 Front Skid Plate - Series 1 ('89-'95 G50 chassis)

Q45 Front Skid Plate - Series 1 ('89-'95 G50 chassis)

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    We form these front skid plates for the G50 chassis from 1/8" steel to take a beatng and save your oil pan from damage for long time. If you're drifting or just running VIP lowered on the street, that front sump oil pan is rather vulnerable, don't ruin your pan for the cost of a skid plate

      The front of the skid plate mounts to existing points on the front core support and the rear mounts to the cross member on the double thick flange just behind the oil pan with the supplied hardware. You will need to drill 4 holes for the rear mounting points for the 8mm bolts. This is going to be a lot easier then replacing your pan or motor!


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