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VG 5 Speed Top Load Shifter

Nissan VG 5 Speed Top Load Shifter

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    If you need to move your VG shifter as far forward as possible, this shifter kit will do the job.

    We've set the shifter just in front of the center line on the top plate and just to the right, this puts it in line with an internal linkage that can be modfied to accept a top load style shifter. The distance back from the front of the transmssion is 24 3/4" or about 9 1/4" forward from the stock VG location.

    We've made the kit with a stainless mounting plate that bolts on top of the transmission using the stock bolts then accepts the our new shifter pivot housing and shifter. An internal linkage does have to be removed and modifed for the new shifter. If you don't want to modify it yourself, we also sell the kit where you can send in the striker bar and we will modify it for you.

    Kit includes:

    Shifter base plate

    Shifter pivot housing with shifter bushings

    Shifter lever

    Bolting harware for shifter housing



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