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Nissan VQ (CD009) 6 speed shifter bracket - Series 2

Nissan VQ (CD009) 6 speed shifter bracket - Series 2

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        If you're swapping a CD series transmssion, you're probably going to want a relocated shifter. The stock shifter sits quite far back and fairly high which makes it not work well for most applications.

       In designing our shifter we tried to keep simplicity and compactness in mind, the shifter is really not a very technical part and doesn't need to be complicated. We considered that most people are driving a W58, R154 or KA/SR transmssion, all do not have reverse lock outs, so we decided to make a simple shifter, that does one thing simply, it shifts. Since none of us have ever accidentaly hit reverse when up shifting, we decided that wasn't worth the increased cost.

       Keeping with a simple design also allowes us to keep it low profile, at only 5/8" above the black cover plate just in front of the shifter, the height is great for fitting inside consoles or under shifter boots. This can be quite important compared to taller shifters if you want the trans tunnel sealed from road noise, heat and debris. Keeping it simple, we also managed to make it more affordable and more available, typically in stock.  

     The all new stand alone shifter bracket kit comes with all the required hardware including the shifter handle, linkage bar and bolting hardware, everything you'll need to just bolt it up and go without any other parts required, just your favorite shift knob. All the billet aluminum components are CNC machined from 6061 and assembeled with plated steel hardware.

      The stock CD shifter sits quite far back and doesn't fit most swap cars. This billet shifter bracket has three posistions based on your transmssion and fitment requirements. The CD/JK series of transmssions was made over several generations and revisions by Nissan. We've given adjustment to the shifter mounting that will give a range of shifter centerlines between 32.7" and 33.2" from the front of the bellhousing. 

      These sthifters do not fit with driveshafts from most other vendors that use 1350 universal joints. XM driveshafts use 1310 universal joints to allow clearance under the shifter.   

    Kit Includes

    Shifter base bracket

    Shifter pivot mount with bushings and bolts

    Bolting hardware to mount on transmssion

    Shifter handle

    Shifter linkage


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