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KA24DE S13 distributor cap adapter **Base only**

Nissan KA24DE S13 distributor cap adapter base only.

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    We've molded this cap adapter for the S13 dual cam distributor to allow the use of a large profile cap. If your running an external coil/CDI box that puts out more than stock spark, you may want to consider a large profile cap to eliminate the possibilty of spark scatter or the the spark jumping from the rotor to the wrong post due to high RPM or a significant increase in spark power. This is the same base sold in the full kit, only without the cap and rotor. No modifications to the disributor are required to use the adapter, but your spark plug wires will require the boot ends be changed to the snap on tower style ends.

    Distributor, cap, rotor and spark plug wire ends not included.


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