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-SR20DET S13 Welded intake manifold

SR20DET S13 welded intake manifold

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     Our modification to the factory intake manifold for the SR20DET - S13 motor is designed to take advantage of the stock runners high port design and dramatically increase flow for boosted motors over the stock runner assembly. The runners are left slightly longer then most aftermarket intakes which allows for a better power band from mid range to high rpm instead of the short runner drag race design commonly seen on other intakes typically besigned for peak output in the upper RPM range.

    With a smooth radius on the entry and angle cut runners, a tapered entry effect is achieved without having velocity stacks protruding into plenum airflow and causing turbulence, this works well on boosted motors where the air is being pushed down the runners instead of drawn in under vacuum.

    The two piece runner/plenum design also allows for easier porting and polishing of the intake. The manifold kit includes the welded flange on the factory runners, new Xcessive end feed plenum with 4 vacuum ports, new stainless throttle bracket, 6 plenum bolts, 4 studs, 4 nuts, two vacuum fittings (1/8", 3/8") and two vacuum port plugs. Factory throttle body not included.

    The new plenum is permanent mold cast for superior finish and casting soundness with a phenolic shell core used for internal walls to yield some of the best quality available. The plenum is drilled for the factory SR throttle body and bolt pattern but comes pre machined for up to a 70 mm bore (customized bolt patterns and flanges available also).

    A $100.00 core charge is applied for the runners. It will be refunded upon Xcessive's receipt of your old runner set. If you have a set of runners you would like to have used (ie. polished, coated), please contact us prior to ordering. **We do not keep runners in stock, this manifold is not complete and ready on the shelf - Turn around time is approx 1 week from reciept of runners**


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