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Q45 Steering Arms - G50 Chassis

Q45 - Fast Ratio Steering arms - G50 Chassis
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    Since the Q45 steering arms are made from aluminum, you can't (or shouldn't) cut and weld them. We've made these steering arms to bolt on to the stock knuckes with minimal mods using simple tools, no welding required or removal of the spindle from the car.

    The arms are made from solid steel with the stock taper put in for the outer tie rod so you can run stock outer tie rods. We've also put a tapered sleeve in the new arm to fit tight in to the stock Q45 knuckle so theres no drilling required to attach the arms with a straight bolt making for a 100% tight fit on the outer point. Since we've split the power betweeen the stock outer tie rod point and the lower ball joint bolt, there's no concern of stress to the stock spindle with the increased ratio.

    We've maintained some ackerman, so these arms are good for daily drivers who want more angle without the more agressive road manners of zero ackerman knuckles while still getting a good bit more angle then stock.

    These knuckles typically require you to lengthen the inner tie rods, source longer outer tie rods or run rack spacers.

    Our test car had our tubular Front Lower Controll arms to give wheel and tire clearance when at lock as well as clearance for the outer tie rod. Stock lower arms WILL require clearance work get full angle, the outer tie rod will contact stock lower arms and reduce steering.

    Spindles and lower control arms not included.


    Kit Includes

    RH and LH Knuckles (1 pair)

    All bolting hardware required.



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