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*S13 Nissan Engine Drivelines

S13 Chassis with a Nissan engine drivelines

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S13 KASR VG Driveline
S13 VG VG Driveline
S13 VH VG Driveline
S13 VK VQ Driveline



If you've swapped transmssions on a Nissan engine in your S13, we've got drivelines to fit.

General fitment

   The fitment of our drivelines is based on our swap motor brackets and cross member and in some cases, transmission adapters. The fitment is based on an S13 NON-ABS chassis. If you have a different set up for any of those parts, email or call us to confirm fitment information. It's also a good idea to check with us if you've done a diff swap away from the S13 NON-ABS. These drivelines will be to long for ABS differentials!

Supported transmissions

While many transmissions are "similar" in fitment, we build each driveline for it's specific application. We currently support the VG 5 speed and VQ (CD009) 6 speed for most several Nissan engines.

Non-Spec Drivelines

All drivelines are made in house, so we can typicaly accomodate most shafts to suit your needs. If you've done you're own motor mounts, are using a different transmssion adapter or have done a Q45 diff swap, just send us an email or give us a call and we can get the deatils worked out.


We make all of our drivelines from 3" x .083 DOM steel. We've found steel to handle the most abuse and last the longest but we can also make aluminum shafts, just inquire for cost. All shafts are hydraulically pressed together in phase, rotationally welded then straightened before balancing. The universal joints are size 1310 and the slip yolk and rear flanges are sized to match, no stepped down conversion universal joints. All components are new, never sourced from old drivelines



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