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TE72 chassis to Manual Transmission Cross Member (W58, R154)

Toyota Corolla *TE72** chassis to Manual Transmission Cross Member (W58, R154)

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If your doung a 1UZ swap in your TE72 with our motor mount brackets, you might like this transmision cross member. It's designed to work with both the R154 and W58 transmissions and fit the chassis without any modifications. We've supplied all the required bolts for the cross member to chassis mounting and made the bracket to acommodate both stock transmisison rubber mounts and our Urethane trans mount.

Toyota has two versions of rubber trans mounts, an early style and a later style. You will need the early style mount with a bolt spacing of 2.2" or 56mm side to side. The later style larger mount will not fit. Our Series 1 urethane mount is the correct size (T-UTM-S1). We also have hybrid mounts if you have a late model transmission but need the early model base to fit this TCM.

This cross member does NOT work with the BEAMS 6 speed or Automatic transmissions, it's specifically designed for our 1UZ swap.


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