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E chassis 3.0" Axle Bracket Kit

Toyota E chassis 3.0" Axle Bracket Kit
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    If you're looking to do an axel swap in your E chassis or put an E type multilink axle under a different car, you'll want these axle brackets to do the job. If you're thinking about cutting off a set of stock brackets and re-using them, you can be in for a fair bit of work. When you get them cut off, the brackets are old, rusty, cut up and no longer match the shape of the axle tubes and often times have suspension mounting holes that are no longer round and you still have to buy geometry correction brackets to add on. These all new brackets are CNC cut from 1/8" (3mm) steel then formed to work with stock type suspension components. We've also made them with multiple geometry correction points already built in so you won't need to buy bolt on correction brackets. We've also maintained the stock mounting points to keep the hardware legal for sanctioning bodies that require stock mounting geometry. The set comes with 2 new upper mounts, 2 new lower mounts with new shock mounts that have been relocated inward for more tire clearance and a new Panhard mount with all required hardware. This set is for 3" diameter axels. You will need to adjust the fit diameter by approximately 1/16" to fit 3.25" axle tubes on the tips of the fit arches. (2.5" to 2.6" axle dia. also available) Want just upper or lower mounts? Send us an email for a price quote on only the parts you need.


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