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FT86 (FRS-BRZ) to JZ Motor Mount Kit **NON VVTi**

Toyota FT86 (FRS-BRZ) Motor Mount Kit with engine brackets and urethane mounts for JZ swaps

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    If you're looking to put a JZ into your FT86 chassis, this mount kit will do the job start to finish. We've made a simple yet strong and effective formed steel motor bracket and included a urethane motor mount to go with it. We have the urethane motor mounts available in two heights for 3/4" cross member clearance and 1/4" clearance depending on if you're doing steering rack swaps or other cross member mods, set your motor in, check your height and let us know. The taller urethane mounts are standard for the 3/4" crossmember clearance, please specify if you want the lower mounts.

    These mounts do not work with VVTi blocks that only have a forward mount location on the passenger side. See the third picture for the passenger side rear possition required.

    The slotted brackets allow some adjustment front to rear for firewall clearance or you can set motor back a bit farther if you modify the firewall, there's just not a lot of room in the engine bay for an inline 6.

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    The engine and stock intake manifold will fit under the hood when the bracing is cut out but a turbo or intake piping may be of concern at the 3/4" crossmember clearance. The engine pictured was installed with 3/4" mounts for a swapped steering rack and a G-Force transmission with an Xcessive transmission adapter and no modifications to the transmission tunnel. Modifiying the trans tunnel and raisning the trans will give more hood clearance at the front of the motor.


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