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JZA80 Urethane Motor Mounts

JZA80 Urethane Motor Mounts (Series 9)

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    We've made the urethane motor mounts to work as direct replacements for those soft or broken stock mounts or if you're going to run more boost, it would be a good time to replace those mounts with something that can handle more power and keep the motor in place.

    Larger down pipes and charge piping can take up a lot of space and bump into things if the motor moves around to much. Strut bars can also cause clearance issues to the top of the motor. Don't let your motor knock around in there. These mounts are far better then complete solid mounts when comes to any kind of actual driving, but still hold up to heavy abuse.

    We set the mounts up with 80A (orange) bushings as a standard but can also do softer 65A (yellow) bushings upon request.

    These are a performance mount, expect and increase in "engine noise" trasmitted into the chassis.


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