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MX83 to JZ Motor Mount Brackets ('91-'92 Kouki)

Toyota Cressida MX83 Motor Mount Brackets, Fits 1JZ & 2JZ with Kouki X-Memeber ('91-'92)

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       Our all new steel corrected geometry mount brackets for JZ blocks are designed with specific angles for the '91-'92 Cressida Kouki front cross member.


      If you're doing a 1J or 2J, these brackets are the ones to use. Later model single turbo 1J's will require the turbo oil drain to be bent forward just a bit to clear the bracket for proper placement on the forward most mounting position that is just slightly higher then the next position just back a spot. while the brackets have slotting allowing about 1" of adjustment, transmission adapters and transmission cross members will typically dictate the motor position, these brackets allow for the use of transmissions ranging from Nissan to GM and of course Toyota.

    Stock rubber mounts will require the index pin to be ground off to allow these brackets to properly sit flat due to the application of the slotted mount.

    Material and construction

    CNC cut from 1/4" steel plate, formed and plated, these engine brackets will handle all the punishment you can throw at them and last a life time doing it. We use a single piece of steel plate that's formed into shape to eliminate welds in transition areas from one plane to another, then we add a gusset for a bit strength. Our design allows for great acess to the bolts without a compromise in strength or the potential for cracked welds over time. Our goal isn't one or two years of service, but a lifetime.

    Zenki '89-'90 vs. Kouki '91-'92

    These mounts are designed for the cross member typical to the '91-'92 Kouki Cressida and do not match the angle found on the Zenki '89-'90 style Cressida and will cause premature failure of the motor mounts if used for the wrong application. You may need to check the production year on the early Zenki chassis. Some cars produced from 8 of 1990 will have the Kouki cross member. You can contact us if you have this concern on how to identify it.

    These mounts do not fit the GX81 Cross Member

    Kit includes

    1 pair of formed brackets

    Block bolting hardware


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