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3SGE Beams to Black Top 20V ITB adapter

Toyota 3SGE Beams lower runners to Black Top 20V ITB adapter (Fits Dual VVTi Beams from SXE10 chassis)

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       We've machined these ITB adapters for the dual VVTi Black top motor (from the SXE10 chassis) to use the Black top 20V ITB's. The adapters are machined from high temp plasic that we've used for over 10 years as a thermal barrier material to stop heat soak in intake manifolds that causes an increase in air temps. This is the same concept used by OEM's in many applications. Not only does the plastic stop thermal soak in to the ITB's, it's also lighter and less expensive then aluminum, at only 1.2 lbs (544 grams). Why would you want to add weight and cost when the right plastic does a better job! By Using our plastic adapter that bolts directly to the aluminum runners, we've also eliminated any extra joints in the intake tract and shortened the installed height which is helpfull for swaps in smaller engine bays.

        While it does require minor modifications to the ITB's for fuel rail clearance, you can bolt them directly onto your factory 3SGE lower aluminum runner set without removing the fuel rail or lower runners from the engine. The adapter is also machined with the correct diameter locators bosses directly on the adapter for the throttles, we've found that not all "used" sets of throttles show up with all the locators, this forces you to source them elsewhere just to move forward with your install. We've also supplied all the required bolts and vacuum ports for the ITB's and adapter plate so you won't need to worry about those not showing up with your throttles as well or have to reuse old stock hardware.

       Our design also puts the throttle linkage on the bottom to keep the top of the motor cleaner and work better on rear wheel drive or FWD RHD applications where the throttle cable comes from the firewall or the flywheel end of the motor and not the front of the motor as in a FWD LHD configuration, why aim the throttle cable hook up towords the front of the motor if your throttle cable doesn't come from there? This also leaves the top of the motor with unobstructed access to the fuel rail and valve cover breathers.

       The 16mm thick adapters are CNC machined to maintain clean blends on all ports with matched port shapes. We've also provided all the required hardware to get your ITB's bolted on and vacuum lines hooked up.


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