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Toyota JZ to GM 26 Spline Flywheel Kit - Twin 6

Toyota JZ to GM Manual transmissions Flywheel Kit **TWIN DISC 6 PUCK** 26 Spline

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If you're looking to put that JZ in front of a GM gear box with a 26 spline input shaft, this twin plate clutch will do a nice job of holding the power. We've had the 6 puck clutch tested to over 830 WHP and found that our full diameter design has smoother engagement then the 7.25" clutches giving better feel without sacrificing hold. Total weight on the clutch package is 32 lbs, this is similar in weight to other twin plates out there, but without the cost, and the parts are domestically available!

The basis for the kit is a Competition clutch SFI legal lightweight chromoly steel flywheel, we then add machined alloy drive bars with a replaceable chromoly floater plate. The clutch discs are a solid hub 6 puck set up for GM 26 spline (Not 29 spline) transmissions. The pressure plate is set up as a push type for easy fitment in GM trans conversions with hydraulic release bearings such as our trans adapter kits.

This kit does not include a pilot bearing or release bearing for the JZ to GM adaptations.


Kit includes:

SFI Chromoly flywheel

Chromoly mid/floater plate

Two 6 puck clutch discs

Push type pressure plate

All clutch bolting hardware (no flywheel bolts)


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