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IS300 Boost Solenoid

IS300 Boost Solenoid - Plug in

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    If you're running an Xcessive Manufacturing Panic Wire ECU kit, then this plug in boost solenoid will allow direct plug in boost control by the Link software/ECU. 

The instalation of this solenoid requires no additional wiring to the car!


  Installation is straight forward, unplug the stock front narrow band O2 and plug in the solenoid, then plumb the boost lines.

ECU set up and tuning

  Since our ECU kit uses Link hardware and tuning platform all boost control tuning is done in the Link software along with the rest of your tuning.

 This boost solenoid when plugged in to the stock IS300 harness will not operate from any other ECU, only the XM/PW Link system!

Kit includes:

Boost solenoid with IS300 PNP plug

2 - 1/8" hose barbs

1 - Port Vent




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