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IS300 Flex Fuel and Boost kit

IS300 Flex Fuel and Boost kit

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 Panic Wire has develoed this Flex Fuel and Boost Solenoid kit to work with our IS300 ECU kits without and modifications required to plug it right in and go. You can control the boost directly from the Link ECU and the Flex Fuel (E85) signal will read directly to the Link.

 The expansion harness plugs directly into the front O2 sensor plug, so no need to do any wiring. If you have one of Panic Wires early IS300 adapters (prior to 6-2019), there are a few wires that will need to be moved in the ECU jumper. You can contact us for info if you have questions. 

 The harness comes with the flex fuel sensor, boost solenoid and hose barbs. You will need to supply your own fuel lines, hose clamps and boost solenoid hoses.



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