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IS300 - JCE10 ECU's

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GM IAT Sensor Kit with Grommet
GM IAT Sensor Kit with NPT Bung
GM IAT Sensor 16mm
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    When you're ready to run a stand alone in that IS300, we've got the kit to get the job done!  

    The Panic Wire jumper to Link ECU is the only solution on the market that does not require any factory wiring to be cut and runs the car from a single ECU, not dual ECU's. This allows the reinstalation of your factory computer at any time.

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      Installation is straight forward, unplug and remove the stock ECU, put the new ECU in the factory box and plug in the jumper, then run the vacuum line from the ECU to the intake manifold. Last is to unplug the MAF and plug in the new Sub harness to the MAF plug on the stock harness. This new sub harness has the Intake air temp and an extra analog input that can be used for future expansion like fuel pressure, nitrous pressure, oil pressure or external MAP sensor.

    ECU hardware and tuning

      While the ECU case/kit is made by us here at Xcessive and the jumper is made by Panic Wire, the actual circuit board is made by Link ECU. The ECU runs the Link G4+ tuning platform with the PCLink software and interface cable. This means all the supporting Link tuning and products are available.

    What it does

      This is a full stand alone ECU with adapter configured to run all the factory gauges and controls on manual tranmission cars. The ECU supports the VVTi as well as future mods like boost without any changes to the ECU or wiring other then tuning. If you want to upgrade injectors, turbo swap, just optimize the stock set up or even do a 1J or 2J GTE swap, just re-tune and go. The Link G4+ based ECU has an onboard 4 bar MAP sensor, so converting away from the MAF is easy, no need to purchase a sensor or add any wiring.

       We send the kit out loaded with a start up map that will get the engine fired up right away already configured for the stock Toyota sensors and 2JZ-GE. Tuning is still required for individual set ups and an E-Throttle calibration is required for proper start up and operation. The start up maps will have an average tune designed to be drivable for most applications to get to a qualified tuner. They do have a 3k rev limit set, while they are easily changed, it is the responsibility of the tuner to be sure the tuning is good enough to do so.

      The ECU can also integrate wide band O2's for easier tuning. Many stand alone wide bands have a 0-5V output wire that can be used for the integration. It's recommended to use a new O2 sensor if you don't know the condition of yours.

     Different years and chassis specs

       We've got three different kits for the IS300 chassis. The first is for the '01 Auto to Manual conversion, next is the '02 - '05 manual and then the '02-'05 Auto to Manual conversion. You MUST select the correct one for your application.

       We also offer two different IAT sensors. The push in type sensor is typically for NA cars where a rubber grommet is all that holds it in place, these are the easiest to install in cold pipes and air boxes. The second sensor uses a weld in aluminum bung typically put in charge piping or the intake manifold. Both sensors will work with the IS300 ECU kits as they have the same plug style.

    Check out our videos as well!

      Instalation video.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_r6c8uMR390

      2JZ-GTE swap on the XM dyno.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4E7ruNkWbs

      All stock engine and exhaust with XM base map dyno run.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoCAuKf4skg

    Emissions testing

       This ECU kit is not meant to pass emissions tets and does not have emissions rediness protocalls. This is for off road use only.

       The ability to plug into the factory harness without modifications allows you to return to the factory computer at any time with the supporting factory components like injectors and catalytic converters required to meet emissions standards. 

        If you are running dual ECU's, you will need to return your harness to it's original wiring and then just plug in the new ECU to the factory header

    Functions include:

    Tach, Speedometer, Fuel Level, Oil Light, Check Engine Light, Coolant Temp

    Outside temp gauge

    Auto Climate control

    EVAP purge


    Fuel Pump 

    Wide Band O2 input assigned to OBD pin 7 for O2 integration - Configurable

    Built in 4 Bar MAP

    VVTi Control - Programmable

    Knock - Programmable

    Boost solenoid control

    Stock solenoids can be programmed

    Can be configured for Cruise Control


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