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JZ Swap Harness

JZ Swap Harness's and components

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JZ Swap Harness
*2 - G4X Monsoon
JZ VVT-i Solenoid adapter
Boost Solenoid - Series 1
Fan Relay Kit
Fuel Pump Relay Kit
JZ Wasted Spark Coil Pack
JZ Spark Plug Wires
JZ Spark Plug
DTM 2 Pin Extension - Series 1
DTM 2 Pin Pig Tail
  • Description


      We've got a few things to make that JZ wiring and ECU install go pretty easy. Starting with a simple and clean harness and base tuned ECU, we've made about as plug and play as you can get! As always, if you have any questions, you can give us a call or email.

    JZ Swap harness

           The harness is straight forward, cam and crank sensors, coolant, IAT, TPS, ignition, alternator, VVT-i, OBD, fuel, starter, cooling fan, boost control, 2 wire IAC or fuel pump. Chassis connection only requires 3 wires, key on power, main ground and starter signal from a key or start switch. For full description with full pics, see Related products in lower right corner. Harness does not come with the ECU, must be purchased seperately.

    Link Monsoon ECU

           All of our Link ECU's purchased along with a wire harness will come with a start up base map loaded and configured to work with our wire harness outputs and sensors. Just let us know what you're engine set up is and we can get a map together that will get you started quickly.

    VVT-i sub harness

          We've put the VVT-i control wires on a sub harness that connects with a DTM type 2 way plug. If you don't need VVT-i control, you can leave the VVT-i harness out of your order and the DTM 2 plug on the harness can be reconfigured for other purpose.

    Boost Control

           If you want to run boost control through the Link ECU, we've made a simple plug in boost controler to take out the guess work. The boost solenoid sub harness will just plug in to one of the DTM 2 way plugs near the ECU and then just plumb your vaccum lines to hook it up to your wastegate and boost source. If you're not running boost control, the DTM 2 plug can be reconfigured for another purpose.

     Cooling fan and Fuel Pump relay pack

           The harness also has auxilary outputs configured for radiator cooling fan and fuel pump control. We make plug in relay packs to do the job. Just plug the control wires on the DTM type 2 way plug into the auxilary outputs from the ECU, run the fused main lead to the alternator and then the power output wire to your Fan or Fuel pump. If you don't want to run the fan or pump, the ECU outputs can be reconfigured of other uses. Fan relay packs have 24" of power wire while Fuel Pump relay packs have 14' of wire. You will still need to ground the negative side of the fans or pump though!   

     DTM type 2 pin extension 

           Sometimes you just want to move an accessory a bit farther away. We make a DTM type 2 pin extension in a 30" length to make it simple. For example in an S14 where a boost solenoid might need extra length to get it out from under the dash and heater into the fender well. Just plug our extension in and no wiring is required!

     DTM type 2 pin pig tails

           If you want to do your own fuel pump, fan or other accesory connections, we offer DTM 2 pin pig tails to get you started. Just remember that the Auxialry outputs from our harness and ECU combo won't run fans an pump or other higher amperage units without a relay. If you try to run to much directly from the ECU, you'll burn it up!


    All of our wiring products are made in the U.S.A. at our shop, never overseas.

    This product is not made by Panic Wire. For all technical and order support, please contact us directly via email of phone.


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