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KA24DE 240SX Dual Cam cast oil pan

Nissan KA24DE 240SX Dual Cam cast oil pan

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    Xcessive's all new cast aluminum oil pan is a major upgrade to anyone using a KA24DE in the 240 chassis for more than just a daily driver. With increased oil capacity, better cooling and integrated transmission flange bolting, it’s an all around improvement over stock, strength, performance and looks.

    If your running on a hot day, do full track events or just tend to run in higher RPM, you need more oil capacity and better oil cooling. You can now have increased oil capacity and a baffled sump in a true bolt on configuration.

    No modifications are required to the oil pick up, engine, or chassis of the car and the pan only sits approximately 1/2" lower than the stock pan, we've also included a 1/2" NPT port for oil drain back on the drivers side for you guys that run a turbo.

    Works with your AC also, we've maintained access to the adjustment screw and full travel of the pulley.

      Kit Includes:  

     New cast upper pan     

     Bolting hardware for upper pan     

     Plug for turbo drain port     

     (Lower sump and lower bolting hardware not included)


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