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RA21 chassis Front Frame Spacers, 1.0" Aluminum with bolts

Toyota RA21 chassis Front Frame Spacers, 1" Aluminum with bolts

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If you're doing a motor swap on your RA21 chassis, hood and trans tunnel clearance can become an issue. Installing front frame spacers can help alot with this problem.

We've made these spacers from 1" solid aluminum bar stock so they fit easy and take any load you can dish out.

We've also supplied the bolting hardware you'll need to put it all together.

The frame spacers are drilled for RA21 as well as AE and TE (Corolla)

Kit Includes:

2 Billet Aluminum Spacers - 1"

4 New Longer 12mm Bolts

4 New 12mm Nuts

8 New 12mm Washers



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