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Rear Sub Frame Bushings

Rear Sub Frame Bushings

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        The stock busihngs on the Mercedes were not designed for ultimate performance, while the cars handle quite well, Mercedes still tried to make them ride nice. The entire rear sub frame is mounted on rubber, so the whole car can move around on top of the suspension. If you want to increase the firmness, road feel and respsonse of the chassis, you should look into replacing the sub frame busihngs.


       Our all new replacment bushings are made from a 70 shore D Polyurethane (similar to Nylon). These bushings eliminate all the give associated with the factory units or softer urethane busihngs while still absorbing some of the road noise and vibration associated compared to solid aluminum units.


          You will need to remove the sub frame from the car to get access to the stock busihngs for removal. The sub frame has formed steel cups or pockets that the new bushings will seat into. You will also retain the original bolting hardware and washers.

    Kit includes

    2 Front lower bushings

    2 Front upper bushings

    2 Rear lower bushings

    2 Rear upper bushings


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