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Rear Trailing Arm Mount - Reinforcement Plate

Rear Trailing Arm Mount - Reinforcement Plate

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        When you put your BMW through the paces, you're going to fatigue the suspension mounting points. One of those point is where the rear trailing arm mounts to the chassis. BMW did a nice job welding in some bolt pads for the toe adjuster cups, but they're not designed for high loads and after years of road miles on an older chassis.


    General fitment and installation

      The new plates are designed to be welded around the bolting pads and then to the stock sheetmetal to disperse load and reinforce the mount pads to help with the cracks and tearing that will happen over time. The plates fit right onto the chassis with a bit of clean up for welding, no cutting or heavy modifications. You will need a good welder that can run a bead upside down, unless you plan on turning your car over.


      Made from 1/8" (3mm) mild steel, these plates will weld nicely to the stock components when prepared properly.




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