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*S13 KA24DE ECU's

S13 KA24DE ECU's

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S13 KA24DE ECU Kit - Atom
S13 KA24DE ECU Kit - Monsoon
GM IAT Sensor Kit with Grommet
GM IAT Sensor Kit with NPT Bung



If you want to go stand alone on your KA24DE in your S13, we've go the kit for you! 


  Installation is straight forward, unplug and remove the stock ECU, plug in the new ECU with the jumper, then run the vacuum line for the map sesnor to the intake manifold and install the IAT. If you choose the Atom EUC kit, you can choose either the Link 4 bar map or GM external.

 You will need to perform a TPS, MAP and ECCS calibration. TPS and MAP are internal and done with just a laptop. The basic ECCS sync is done with just the laptop but calibrating the ignition timing properly does require a timing light.

ECU hardware and tuning

  The jumper is made by Panic Wire and the ECU is a Link G4+ Atom. The ECU runs the Link G4+ tuning platform with the PCLink software and interface cable. This means all the supporting Link tuning and products are available.

What it does

  This is a full stand alone ECU with adapter configured to run the factory Tach and Speedo on manual tranmission cars. The ECU supports full fuel control and timing in full sequential so if you want to upgrade injectors as well as boost control and the option to directly run individual smart coils for those of you wanting to go coil on plug.

  We send the kit out loaded with a start up map that will get the engine fired up right away already configured for distributor motors, but switching to coil on plug is easy. Tuning is still required for individual set ups and TPS, MAP sensor and ignition pick up calibration is required for proper start up and operation. The start up maps will have an average tune designed to be drivable for most applications to get the car to a qualified tuner. They do have a 3k rev limit set, while they are easily changed, it is the responsibility of the tuner to be sure the tuning is good enough to do so.

  The ECU can also integrate a wide band O2 for easier tuning. Many stand alone wide bands have a 0-5V output wire that can be used for the integration. It's recommended to use a new O2 sensor if you don't know the condition of yours.

This kit will not run the automatic transmssion, it is designed for manual transmssions only.

  Atom Vs. Monsson

    The Atom kit is a good entry level kit that allows fuel and ignition control with MAP sensor tuning allow you to get away from the MAF which is a good idea if you want to go boosted with the ability to control a boost solenoid directly from the ECU. Atom kits are typically run with distributors while the Monsoon kit allows the direct control of individual smart coils (COP).

  Both kits will also control the stock electric fan or you can rewire for swapped fans.

  Both kits will also control a boost solenoid using the EGR wires. Simply cut off the harness side of the EGR plug and connect the boost solenoid to those wires.

Emissions testing

   This ECU kit is not meant to pass emissions tets and does not have emissions rediness protocalls. This is for off road use only. 

   The ability to plug into the factory harness without modifications allows you to return to the factory computer at any time with the supporting factory components like injectors and catalytic converters required to meet emissions standards.


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