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AE86 Steering Racks

Steering Racks and parts

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AE86 Manual Steering Rack
AE86 Inner Tie Rods - Pair
AE86 Steering Rack Tie Rod Boots
AE86 Steering rack bushings - Manual rack
AE86 Steering Rack Universal Joint - Manual
AE86 Steering rack straps
AE86 Outer Tie Rod - Single
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    The AE86 steering racks are on back order until April 20th. We expect to be shipping orders the week of the 20th.

     When you want to put a fast ratio manual rack in your car, we've got the ticket!

     These all new racks are made to fit the Corolla front crossmember with a 2.5 turn lock to lock ratio for fast, accurate steering. They work quite nicely in our front cross members!

      Built to factory corolla specs, we've also sourced new inner tie rods and boots as well as the hard to find small spline steering universal joint. If you're converting from power steering, you'll need this joint. If you're replacing a worn out rack, you may just want to check your univeral joint for age and wear.

      It's important to note that the manual racks are a bit shorter at the input shaft then the power racks so you will eed to pull your lower stering shaft out a bit to get the lower universal joint to fit up properly. If you're concerned that you mauy just pull it out to far, we also have a new steering shaft that's longer.

      We also offer urethane rack bushings if you want to tighten up the rack while you're in there as well as new rack straps if you need those as well.

      It should also be noted that the power racks have a LONGER inner tie rod then manual racks and thusly a SHORTER outer tie rod. The inner tie rods we sell are the longer version to mate up the power outer tie rods.


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