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SXE10 - BC Racing Coilovers

Lexus IS300 (SXE10) BC Racing Coil Overs

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        When you want to make your car handle better and look better, try a set of BC Racing Coil overs. We use these high quality coils on all of our own cars and will easily recomend them to others. 

    General Fitment and installation

        The coil overs are designed to be a factory direct bolt in fit, the hardest part will be taking out the stock ones!


         BC assembles the coils with 12K front and 10K rear springs, a good upgrade from stock for all around performance and the added stiffness is good for tighter fitment of wheels and stance. If you think you'd like stiffer springs, just let us know and we can set up a custom order.

        The dampeners come standard with 30 way adjustable dampening both front and rear, just turn the knob in or out.

    Kit includes:

    2 Front strut bodies

    2 Rear strut bodies

    2 Spring adjustment wrenches


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