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SXE10 - Rear Subframe Reinforcement Gussets - Series 1

Lexus IS300 (SXE10) Rear Subframe Reinforcement Gussets

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    Toyota did a good job building the IS300, but there's a few spots that can use some reinforcement when you plan on running it harder. We've put this simple weld in gusset kit together to address some of those areas.


General Fitment and installation

   The gussets fit pretty simple, just grind off some paint and weld them right to the frame, repaint, and your good to go. You've just reinforced the LCA mounts and brace bar mounts.


The gussets are made from 1/8" mild steel, no special welding alloy or process is required. The material is a bit thicker then the stock frame, so you won't have to worry about blowing a hole in the edge of the gusset with the right settings.

Kit includes:

2 Lower control arm gussets

2 Brace bar tab gussets


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