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SXE10 Front Tension rods

Want to upgrade your tension rods?
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SXE10 FTR - Pillow Ball Kit



  Want more angle? This is how it's done! We offer Standard arms that still maintain some Ackerman for slightly better street manners as well as Zero Ackerman arms for maximim angle.

General Fitment

    The arms are designed to give as much angle as possible without over centering the factory steering rack. Depending on tire fitment, this may cause rubbing with the increased angle. Stock fitment wheels and tires tend not to have a problem. The arms are designed to work with factory style outer tie rods and maintain the taper fitment of the tie rod end. The relocation of the tie rod requires the lower ball joint to have the stock tie rod mounting point removed, we do offer new lower ball joints that are pre cut for the proper fitment.

How much angle?

   The stock steering arms are good for a net effective angle (inside tire and outside tire) of 37 degrees. XM's Standard arms are +16 degrees for an average net of 53 degrees total. The XM Zero arms push it up to +23 degrees net effective angle for an average total effective angle of 60 degrees!

Extra requirements

Due to the relocation of the outer tie rod mounting point, you will need longer outer or inner tie rods. Often it's easiest to replace the outer tie rod ends, but if your inners are worn, then you can replace those instead. If you're planning on running longer LCA's, you may need both the longer innners and outers. 


     The new arms are all new steel construction with CNC geometry and steel alignment sleeves. They also come with new grade 10.9 bolts for an easy installation.

The Parts

Arm kits come with new 2 arms and new bolting hardware

Lower Ball Joint kits come with 1 RH and 1 LH ball joint cut off for proper fitment

Longer outer tie rod kits come with 1 RH and 1 LH tie rod

Longer inner tie rod kits come with 2 matching length tie rods




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