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SXE10 Front Tension Rods and Pillow Balls

SXE10 Front Tension Rod and Pillow Balls

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SXE10 FTR w/ Ball Kit
SXE10 FTR - Pillow Ball Kit
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      The SXE10 Front suspension works quite well, but the soft bushings in the tension rods leave a lot to be desired! Hit the brakes and the Caster will change as the arm moves, throw it hard into a corner and the whole alingment will change. The only remedy for this, new solid pillow balls to replace any kind of rubber deflection.

    General Fitment

        Our Pillow balls are machined to be a direct press in fit once the stock rubber bushings have been removed from the factory arms. They're a full size pillow ball with teflon liner, not a smaller unit put into a larger sleeve to bring them up to size. We've also made steel spacers for fitment onto the stock mounting posts on the car as well as urethane side seals to help keep dirt out.

        Our full size pillow ball we use gives more bearing area for the teflon liner meaning a longer life span and higher load capacity. The front suspension load is all transmitted through these pillow balls for alingment and car control, this is not the place to put an undersized unit!

      These are solid pillow balls so you will notice and increase in road noise, but you will also notice an increase in steering response, braking and cornering control.


       We sell both the pillow ball kits and all new tension rods with the balls installed. If you don't have the means or the time to press out and replace the stock rubber bushings, just buy the completed arms and swap them in.

       If you're tension rods have seen some damage, the ends may be distorted. The rubber bushings will still function (not well) but the all steel pillow balls won't fit damaged arms.




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