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Steering Shaft - S1 (non power)

Toyota Steering Shaft - Series 1

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         If you're converting your Corolla from a power rack to a non power rack, you'll need a longer steering shaft and steering joint assembly. We've sourced these shafts specifically for the task.

        This shaft is also a good option if you're converting to one of our front cross members with the relocated rack farther forwards and have to pull your steeering shaft out to get it to reach. Depending on your situation, your old shaft may be a bit short for safety and should be replaced.


    Fitment to the column

      The new shaft has the same flat cut sides (Double D cut) of the factory steering shaft, you'll just need to pull out the old shaft to make room for the new one!


    Fitment to the rack

      The non power has a smaller spline then the power rack, so your old steering joint won't fit. The new shaft has the correct Toyota spline to fit the 14mm (.55") spline of the non power Toyota racks.


    General info

      The new shaft is 13-1/4" overall length with 8-1/2" from the bottom of the steering joint, this leaves 4-3/4" of flat sides on the top of the shaft.  



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